Hague THM Twin Head Tripod Mount 100mm

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The Hague THM Twin Head Camera Mount enables two video heads to be mounted to one tripod, making it ideal for a two camera shoot where space is limited. One operator can use one camera for a “wide shot” while using the main camera to follow the action.

With both cameras being so close together the operator can use the flip out screens on the cameras to monitor both shots. This makes it ideal for stage shows, conferences and weddings.

The mount will attach to any pro tripod with a 100mm or 75mm bowl. It has a 100mm bowl at either end making it easy to “level off” the video heads. The video head from the tripod can be used at one end of the mount and a second head can be mounted to the other end.

We also sell a 75mm to 100mm adaptor (SR Stepper Ring) so a video head with a 75mm half ball can also be used if required. 

Supports up to 20kg.

Size approx 520 x 125 x 45mm.

Price does not include Video Heads, Stepper Ring, Cameras or Tripod. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England