Hague TPB Tripod Pole Bracket

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The Hague Tripod Pole Bracket enables you to attach a pole or mast to your tripod for aerial photography or video.

The bracket attaches to most sturdy tripods, as long as the tripod head can be removed leaving the 3/8 threaded stud, as it is this stud that the bracket fastens to.

Once attached, the tripod can be levelled off by using the spirit level on the bracket. Any pole/mast can be attached with a diameter between 35 and 51mm and it is compatible with all Hague Highshot handheld camera poles.

The tripod bracket holds your pole/mast to the tripod. The mast can then hold your camera in an elevated position for sports events, property photography or site surveys. It's also ideal when using Virtual Reality 360 degrees cameras.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England