Manfrotto Twin Head Camera Mount


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The Manfrotto Twin Head mount enables two video heads to be mounted to one tripod, making it ideal for a two camera shoot where space is limited. One operator can use one camera for a “wide shot” while using the main camera to follow the action. With both cameras being so close together the operator can use the flip out screens on the cameras to monitor both shots. This makes it ideal for stage shows, conferences, weddings etc.
The distance between the heads can be adjusted from 185mm to 445mm.

The mount will attach to any sturdy Manfrotto tripod with a telescopic column. The head has to removed from the tripod, then the twin head mount fastens to the 3/8" stud of the tripod. The head you removed can then be attached to one end of the mount and an additional head can then be mounted onto the other end of the mount.

The Manfrotto Twin Head Mount can also be used to mount two cameras on one video head, enabling you to pan and tilt two cameras at once. To do this you will require two optional (120) 3/8" to 1/4" camera adaptors.

Supports up to 10kg. Size approx 60 x 9 x 9cm.
(Price does not include Cameras, video heads, camera adaptors or tripod.)