Hague HGP Camera Glidepod Ex Display Model

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The Hague Glidepod is like a twin legged monopod that also allows the user to create gliding shots. It can literally be used like a standard monopod or similar to a camera slider.

Once set up the Glidepod will keep the camera horizontally level, enabling the operator to tilt up or down by leaning the Glidepod forward or back, giving a much more stable shot than a traditional monopod, as the camera will remain upright and will not lean from side to side.

An added bonus is the ability to glide the Glidepod left or right creating tracking shots without the need of a track or rails, making a smooth gliding shot with ease.

Suitable for all camcorders and cameras up to 6kg.

An optional quick release adaptor is available making it quick and easy to remove the camera, or an optional Video Head can be attached to the Glidepod to add pan and tilt movement, enabling a variety of creative shots.

Min Height - 87cm

Max Height - 158cm

Width - 34cm

Weight - 2.7kg. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England

This is an ex-display model from our showroom. It is in full working condition, and is supplied as new, but due to being on display we cannot list it as a brand new item.