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Hague MMC-GO Mini Motion Cam For Action Cameras

Hague Camera Supports

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The Mini Motion Cam Go Steadicam Stabilizer by Hague Camera Supports is a smooth camera stabilizer designed to work with small cameras such as the GoPro or similar models. This small glidecam unit will allow the user to get brilliant moving shots. Designed specifically for these lightweight cameras the Hague Mini Motion Cam has been a very popular stabilizer since it was first brought to market and this version is the most advanced yet.


The Hague Motion Cam Go is a handheld stabilizing system which enables action cameras such as the GoPro to be used to give super smooth "Steadicam type" shots. The Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam is the original small handheld camera stabilizer designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports in Nottingham, England. The new version of the MMC-GO is our most advanced and exciting model incorporating a new streamlined design, the highly advanced H2 gimble, and it now supports action cameras and standard cameras up to 1kg (2.2lbs) straight out the box. The original MMC set a precedent as the world’s first low cost, yet highly effective, stabilizer and the current model just takes it to the next level. This compact unit eliminates camera shake and allows the user to create those true floating shots.

The most important part of a stabilizer is its gimble as it essential that the handle is totally free moving. The MMC has always had the smoothest moving gimble of its type making it far superior and more effective than any other ball type stabilizer on the market. The new Hague H2 advanced gimble maintains the free moving capabilities of its predecessor but has now been housed in a more secure socket which prevents the risk of the handle becoming loose if misused. The gimble has a highly polished ball enclosed in a nylon socket ensuring super free movement and enhanced security.

The MMC stabilizer now supports cameras from 300g (0.7lbs) – 1kg (2.2lbs) as standard straight out the box and this version is supplied with the Go adaptor which allows action cameras, such as the GoPro or Drift, to be used on the stabilizer. Cameras below 300g (0.7lbs) or above 1kg (2.2lbs) can also be balanced with the additional accessories offered. The MMC can now support up to a maximum of 1.5kg (3.3lbs) with the MINWK Additional Weight Kit. The Mini Motion Cam is ideal for DSLR cameras, small camcorders, SLR cameras, phones, action cameras and compact cameras.

The stabilizer is a counterbalance system with the camera attached directly to the top by a standard 1/4" camera screw with adjustment for moving the camera forwards and back for balancing. At the bottom of the Mini Motion Cam there is an adjustable counterbalance platform to which the weights are attached. This original Hague design allows you to adjust the positioning of the weights to help counterbalance the camera and helps make setting up the stabilizer a much more simple process than other stabilizing systems. Once balanced it is quick and simple to level off the camera. A selection of weights are supplied for balancing the different weights of camera. Our MMC set-up guide video will quickly take you through the steps required to get you balanced and ready for filming.

The Mini Motion Cam Go is designed and manufactured in England and utilises the highest quality materials available to ensure it remains the best stabilizer of its type on the market. The reason it has become the most popular stabilizer of its type is quite simply because its performance is second to none and we remain passionate about ensuring this does not change. The MMC is made from lightweight aluminium with zinc plated counterbalance weights. Suitable for all makes of cameras within the weight limits specified.

Approx size: - Length 19cm. x Width 3.5cm. x Height 27cm. Weight: - 300g. plus counterbalance weights. Colour Black.

Price includes:- MMC Mini Motion Cam Stabilizer & the GO adaptor. Price does not include the GoPro camera or any of the other accessories shown.

Customer set-up guide video.

Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam Video

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  • 5
    Well designed and built

    Posted by Lewin Alley on 5th Mar 2017

    Tried another brand stabiliser (Polaroid) because it was available to me at a cheaper price than this one. What a mistake that was. Just couldn't get it to balance because it's shape was wrong. Bought this one and by direct comparison it was balanced within five minutes - remember that this was first time and is now even quicker to set up. Have managed to use with a Canon 550D (without the extra top weight of course!) and with a GoPro Session camera. With the GoPro it is possible to position it so that there is non of the stabiliser's frame in view - something that was impossible with the other piece of sh... - sorry - kit. Hopefully you can tell just how pleased I am with the Hague MMC.

  • 5
    Motion Cam for GoPro

    Posted by David R Green on 23rd Jan 2017

    Excellent product, easy to use, well made, comes with instructions and arrived on time.

  • 5
    Its magic :)

    Posted by Travis on 3rd Mar 2016

    It really works and makes my gopro float, I couldnt believe it. Brilliant product and arrived really quick to. High 5 Cameragrip

  • 3
    Challenging to balance

    Posted by Péter Nádasi on 21st Jan 2016

    Challenging to balance. I use it with Panasonic x920, plan to use it with gopro later. Fortunately, I ordered extra weights. Shipping was fast and trackable. (+) Packaging was very low budget, I cannot re-pack and store it to it's box. (-) Price-value rate is OK. I'm moderately happy with this product.

  • 5
    Excellent Product from a company with an Excellent Service

    Posted by Tony Woods on 8th Jan 2015

    I ordered the Hague MMC-GO MINI MOTION CAM from my home in Portugal. It arrived within four days and has proved to be an excellent product. It does need a little time to set up correctly and also a little practice to be able to use it to it's best advantage. I am looking forward to using it on my next holiday with my GoPro 3+.

  • 5
    Hague mini motion camera

    Posted by Massimiliano Alberto Baudanza on 4th Nov 2014

    I use MMC with a GOPRO 3. It' s important to spend a while finding the correct position on the sliding mount. Once the camera is balanced it's extremely stable. Only a little practice is needed to obtain smoother movement. Simple design and well built. I reccomend it!!!

  • 5
    rock solid

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2014

    this product is awesome for the price. it is rock solid and steady with my Gopro Hero 4 with lcd touchscreen. I highly recommend this product. to all who are thinking of purchasing this stabilizer. do not hesitate to grab it. Warm Regards

  • 5
    Cool Gopro Steadycam

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2014

    Using it with my gopro hero 3+ and it works really well. the shots you get with the wide lens are amazing