Hoodman HCRN Hoodcrane Mount for the 3inch Hoodloupe

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Hoodman HCRN (HC-RN) Hoodcrane Mount for the 3inch Hoodloupe . Hoodmans' HoodCrane mount for the 3 inch Hoodloupe has been designed to make switching between DSLR Video Capture (or using Liveview) with the LCD Screen and shooting stills through the viewfinder quick and easy.

The HoodCrane is mounted on the cameras flash hotshoe and attaches around the neck of the HoodLoupe as shown above.

A spring release latch on the HoodCrane allows the Loupe to swing up and pivot out of the way of the LCD screen and camera viewfinder whenever you wish to switch from taking HD Video to using the cameras viewfinder but then positions the Loupe back to the exact same position on the screen.

Needless to say, it is not restricted to DSLR use, most cameras with a full-sized flash hot shoe can have the HoodCrane mounted on them which makes it suitable for use on a growing number of compact cameras.
Support Systems: Monitor / Viewfinder
Type: Photo