Sevenoak Pro2 Mini Camera Stabilizer

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The Sevenoak SK-SW Pro2 is a lightweight handheld camera stabilization system for DSLR cameras and video cameras weighing up to 3kg. Made from lightweight aluminum and carbon fibre this stabilizer provides incredibly smooth and graceful shots. It has an adjustable centre column for the different sizes and weights of cameras used and it uses standard weights at the bottom to counterbalance the weight of the camera. 


Colour: Black
Material: Carbon fibre
Load capacity: Max. 3kg / 6.6lb
Height: Approx 45-73cm / 18-29in adjustable
Tube diameter: Approx 3cm / 1.2in
Item weight: 1973g / 4.4lb
Package size: 49x23.5x12cm / 19.2x9.3x4.7in
Package weight: 2434g / 5.4lb